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Noah's Ark Waterpark

Wisconsin Dells
Waterpark, Surf Wave +1

Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin Dells, Noah's Ark Waterpark stands as a beacon of fun and excitement for families, thrill-seekers, and water enthusiasts alike. As America's largest waterpark, it spans over 70 acres, offering an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. The park's diverse range of attractions, from serene to extreme, ensures that every guest finds their slice of paradise.

Unmatched Variety of Water Attractions

One of the park's standout features is its impressive array of water slides and attractions. With over 50 slides, two giant wave pools, and countless other water-based activities, there's never a dull moment. For adrenaline junkies, the park boasts some of the most exhilarating water slides in the country. The Scorpion's Tail, for instance, is a must-try, offering a near-vertical drop that sends riders into a high-speed loop.

Family-Friendly Adventures

Noah's Ark is not just about high-octane thrills. The park is a family-friendly haven, with plenty of attractions tailored for younger visitors. The Tadpole Bay Kiddie Play Area is a delightful spot for the little ones, featuring pint-sized slides and interactive water features. The park's commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for children makes it an ideal destination for family outings.

Relax and Recharge

After a day of exhilarating slides and splashes, visitors can unwind in one of the park's many relaxation zones. The lazy rivers, wave pools, and private cabanas offer a perfect escape from the excitement, allowing guests to relax and recharge. These areas provide a serene atmosphere where one can float along the gentle currents or bask in the sun's warmth.

Commitment to Safety and Cleanliness

Safety and cleanliness are top priorities at Noah's Ark Waterpark. The park employs highly trained lifeguards and follows strict safety protocols to ensure a secure environment for all guests. Additionally, the park is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness, ensuring that every visit is both enjoyable and hygienic.

Eco-Friendly Practices

In line with its commitment to sustainability, Noah's Ark Waterpark has implemented various eco-friendly practices. These initiatives not only contribute to a healthier environment but also enhance the overall guest experience. The park's dedication to green practices is evident in its water conservation efforts, recycling programs, and use of energy-efficient technologies.

A Must-Visit Destination

Noah's Ark Waterpark in Wisconsin Dells is more than just a waterpark; it's an experience that leaves lasting memories. Whether you're seeking thrilling water slides, family-friendly fun, or a relaxing day in the sun, this park has it all. Its commitment to safety, cleanliness, and sustainability makes it a standout destination, promising an enjoyable and worry-free visit for everyone. So, pack your swimsuits and sunscreen, and dive into the adventure that awaits at Noah's Ark Waterpark!

Dells Army Duck Tours Logo

Dells Army Duck Tours

Wisconsin Dells
Adventure Park

Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin Dells, the Dells Army Duck Tours offer an extraordinary experience for visitors of all ages. This unique adventure combines history, nature, and fun in a way that captivates everyone who climbs aboard. Whether you're a history buff, a nature lover, or just looking for a fun day out with the family, the Dells Army Duck Tours promise an unforgettable journey.

A Glimpse into History

The Dells Army Duck Tours are not just any tour; they are a ride through history. These amphibious vehicles, known as ""Ducks,"" were originally used during World War II, providing a fascinating glimpse into the past. As you embark on your tour, you're not just a passenger; you're a part of a living history lesson. The Ducks have been meticulously maintained and adapted for a safe and comfortable tour experience, ensuring a perfect blend of historical authenticity and modern convenience.

Nature's Splendor Up Close

Wisconsin Dells is renowned for its stunning natural beauty, and there's no better way to experience it than on a Duck tour. Gliding through the Dells' unique landscape, you'll witness breathtaking rock formations, lush forests, and serene waterways. The amphibious nature of the Ducks allows you to transition seamlessly from land to water, offering a perspective of the Dells that few other tours can match. It's an immersive experience that brings you face-to-face with the area's natural wonders.

Family-Friendly Fun

The Dells Army Duck Tours are designed to delight visitors of all ages. The excitement of riding in an authentic World War II Duck, combined with the thrill of splashing into the water, is a surefire hit with kids. The tour guides are known for their engaging and entertaining commentary, adding a layer of fun and education to the experience. It's an ideal activity for families looking to create lasting memories together.

A Unique Blend of Adventure and Relaxation

One of the most appealing aspects of the Dells Army Duck Tours is the unique combination of adventure and relaxation. The thrill of exploring land and water in a historic vehicle is balanced by the peaceful moments spent admiring Wisconsin Dells' natural beauty. It's an adventure that's exhilarating without being exhausting, making it perfect for visitors seeking a balance of excitement and tranquility.

Discover the Adventure of Dells Army Duck Tours in Wisconsin Dells

In conclusion, the Dells Army Duck Tours in Wisconsin Dells offer a one-of-a-kind experience that should be on every visitor's itinerary. From the historical significance of the Ducks to the stunning natural scenery and family-friendly atmosphere, these tours provide an all-encompassing adventure. Whether you're a first-time visitor or a seasoned traveler, the Dells Army Duck Tours are sure to leave you with lasting memories and a deeper appreciation for this unique corner of the United States.

Holiday Inn Express Wisconsin Dells Logo

Holiday Inn Express Wisconsin Dells

Wisconsin Dells
Resort Park, Waterpark

Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin Dells, the Holiday Inn Express Wisconsin Dells offers a delightful blend of comfort and convenience, making it an ideal choice for travelers seeking a memorable stay. This article takes you through the various aspects of this charming hotel, highlighting its strengths and unique offerings.

Unbeatable Location

One of the most striking features of the Holiday Inn Express Wisconsin Dells is its prime location. Situated in the bustling area of Wisconsin Dells, it provides easy access to the city's most famous attractions. Whether you're here for the thrilling waterparks, scenic river tours, or the vibrant downtown area, this hotel serves as the perfect base for all your adventures. Its proximity to key locations ensures that guests spend less time traveling and more time enjoying their vacation.

Comfortable and Inviting Accommodations

The hotel boasts a range of well-appointed rooms and suites designed to cater to the needs of all types of travelers. Each room is a haven of comfort, equipped with modern amenities such as high-speed internet, flat-screen TVs, and luxurious bedding. The thoughtful design and attention to detail ensure that every stay is not just comfortable but also truly special.

Amenities That Enhance Your Stay

Holiday Inn Express Wisconsin Dells goes above and beyond when it comes to amenities. Guests can start their day with a complimentary Express Start Breakfast, featuring a variety of delicious options to suit every palate. The indoor pool is a hit among families, offering a fun and relaxing way to unwind after a day of exploration. For those who like to stay active, the fitness center is well-equipped and open 24/7, ensuring that your workout routine never misses a beat.

Business and Event Facilities

For business travelers, the hotel offers excellent facilities that make working on the go both convenient and productive. The business center is equipped with all the necessary tools for a seamless work experience. Additionally, the hotel's meeting rooms are perfect for hosting corporate events, offering state-of-the-art technology in a professional setting.

Exceptional Service and Hospitality

At the heart of Holiday Inn Express Wisconsin Dells is a commitment to providing exceptional service. The staff is friendly, attentive, and always willing to go the extra mile to ensure that every guest's stay is memorable. From the warm welcome at check-in to the helpful tips on local attractions, the team here truly understands the art of hospitality.

A Sustainable Choice

In today's world, sustainability is more important than ever, and Holiday Inn Express Wisconsin Dells is proud to be a part of this movement. The hotel implements various eco-friendly practices, from energy-efficient lighting to water conservation measures, ensuring that your stay is not just comfortable but also kind to the planet.

Discover the Charm of Holiday Inn Express Wisconsin Dells

Holiday Inn Express Wisconsin Dells is more than just a place to stay; it's a destination in itself. With its unbeatable location, comfortable accommodations, top-notch amenities, and exceptional service, it promises a stay that's both enjoyable and unforgettable. Whether you're visiting for business or leisure, this hotel is sure to exceed your expectations and leave you with lasting memories.

Chula Vista Resort Logo

Chula Vista Resort

Wisconsin Dells
Waterpark, Resort Park +4

Nestled in the scenic landscape of Wisconsin Dells, Chula Vista Resort offers a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure for travelers. This enchanting resort, surrounded by lush forests and the tranquil Wisconsin River, provides an idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Whether you're seeking a family vacation, a romantic getaway, or a fun-filled trip with friends, Chula Vista Resort is a destination that caters to all.

Endless Fun with World-Class Amenities

Chula Vista Resort is renowned for its impressive range of amenities that promise an unforgettable stay. The resort features an expansive waterpark, thrilling for both kids and adults. With its indoor and outdoor water attractions, guests can enjoy water fun regardless of the season. The adventurous can test their courage on high-speed water slides, while those looking to relax can drift along the lazy river or unwind in one of the many hot tubs.

Golfing Paradise and Outdoor Activities

Golf enthusiasts will be delighted with Chula Vista's beautifully manicured 18-hole golf course. The course offers a challenging yet enjoyable experience for golfers of all skill levels, with stunning views of the surrounding natural beauty. Beyond golf, the resort provides a plethora of outdoor activities. Guests can explore hiking trails, go on boat tours, or participate in seasonal outdoor sports, ensuring there's always something new to experience.

Culinary Delights for Every Palate

Dining at Chula Vista Resort is a culinary journey. The resort boasts a variety of dining options, from casual eateries to fine dining restaurants. Each dining venue offers a unique atmosphere and menu, featuring local and international cuisine made from fresh, high-quality ingredients. Whether you're craving a quick snack or a gourmet meal, the resort's culinary offerings are sure to satisfy your taste buds.

Luxurious Accommodations and Serene Spa Experiences

After a day full of activities, guests can retreat to the comfort of Chula Vista's luxurious accommodations. The resort offers a wide range of lodging options, from cozy rooms to spacious villas and condominiums, all equipped with modern amenities to ensure a comfortable stay. For those seeking relaxation, the resort's spa provides a tranquil sanctuary. Indulge in a variety of treatments, from massages to facials, all designed to rejuvenate the mind and body.

A Perfect Venue for Events and Celebrations

Chula Vista Resort is not just a vacation spot; it's also an ideal location for hosting events and celebrations. With versatile event spaces, state-of-the-art facilities, and a dedicated team, the resort can accommodate weddings, conferences, and special events, making every occasion memorable.

Embrace the Magic of Chula Vista Resort

Chula Vista Resort in Wisconsin Dells is more than just a destination; it's an experience. With its stunning natural surroundings, exceptional amenities, and warm hospitality, the resort promises a getaway that is both exhilarating and relaxing. Whether you're planning a family vacation, a romantic retreat, or a gathering with friends, Chula Vista Resort is the perfect choice for creating lasting memories.

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