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The Exit Games FL

Escape Room

Are you ready for an adventure that takes you beyond the ordinary? The Exit Games FL, located in the heart of Clearwater, Florida, offers an escape room experience that is not just a game, but a journey into a world of intrigue and excitement. This family-operated business stands out for its dedication to creating unique, immersive experiences that challenge the mind and ignite the imagination.

Immerse Yourself in Original Storylines

At The Exit Games FL, you don't just play a game; you become part of an enthralling story. Each escape room is designed to transport you into a narrative where you and your team are the main characters. The goal? To use your collective wits and teamwork to unravel puzzles and clues, leading you to the climax of your very own adventure. The ticking clock adds to the exhilarating challenge, making every moment in the game a thrilling race against time.

A Family Passion for Unmatched Experiences

The heart and soul of The Exit Games FL lie in its creators - Josh, Tay, and Frank. This trio of escape room enthusiasts has poured their passion into every aspect of the experience. From the conception of the storylines to the intricate design of the puzzles, every detail is crafted to ensure an escape room experience unlike any other. Their commitment to originality means that even seasoned escape room players will find something new and exciting at The Exit Games FL.

Servants of Sleight - A World's Best Escape Room

One of the standout adventures at The Exit Games FL is 'Servants of Sleight', an experience that has earned the accolade of the 2020 World's Best Escape Room. This game epitomizes the level of creativity and engagement that the team strives for. Players can expect a 90-minute journey filled with captivating puzzles and a storyline that keeps them on the edge of their seats.

Convenient Location and Hours

Located at 620 Lakeview Rd, Clearwater, FL 33756, The Exit Games FL is easily accessible and ready to welcome adventure seekers. Their hours of operation accommodate both weekday and weekend players, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to experience the thrill of an escape room adventure.

Discover the Thrill at The Exit Games FL

The Exit Games FL is more than just an escape room venue; it's a destination where stories come to life, and every player becomes the hero of their own adventure. With its unique storylines, passionate creators, and award-winning experiences, it stands as a testament to the power of imagination and teamwork. Whether you're a first-timer or a seasoned escape room enthusiast, The Exit Games FL in Clearwater is a must-visit for an unforgettable adventure.

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Tampa Bay Grand Prix

Go Karts

Nestled in the heart of Clearwater, Florida, the Tampa Bay Grand Prix offers an exhilarating experience for thrill-seekers and racing enthusiasts. This state-of-the-art indoor karting facility is a haven for those looking to satisfy their need for speed in a safe and exciting environment. Whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time racer, Tampa Bay Grand Prix promises an unforgettable adventure.

High-Speed Karting Action

At the core of the Tampa Bay Grand Prix experience is its high-speed karting. The facility boasts a challenging and professionally designed track that tests your skills and agility. The electric go-karts are not only eco-friendly but also pack a punch, capable of reaching speeds that will get your adrenaline pumping. This blend of speed and sustainability makes it a top choice for environmentally conscious speed enthusiasts.

Perfect for All Ages

One of the most appealing aspects of Tampa Bay Grand Prix is its inclusivity. The facility caters to racers of all ages and skill levels. With junior karts available, even the youngest members of the family can join in on the fun. It's a perfect spot for family outings, where parents and kids can bond over thrilling races and create lasting memories.

Ideal Venue for Events

Tampa Bay Grand Prix is not just about racing; it's also an excellent venue for hosting events. Whether it's a birthday party, corporate event, or a casual get-together with friends, the facility offers a unique and exciting backdrop. The combination of high-octane racing and comfortable amenities ensures that every event is a hit.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

The commitment to providing a top-notch experience is evident in the facility's amenities. From the well-maintained karts to the clean and inviting environment, every aspect of Tampa Bay Grand Prix is designed with the guest's comfort in mind. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to assist racers and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

More Than Just Racing

While racing is the main attraction, Tampa Bay Grand Prix offers more than just karting. The facility features arcade games and a lounge area, making it a well-rounded entertainment destination. Whether you're waiting for your turn on the track or just looking to relax, there's always something to do.

Unleashing Fun at Tampa Bay Grand Prix in Clearwater

Tampa Bay Grand Prix in Clearwater is more than just a karting venue; it's a destination that offers excitement, fun, and unforgettable experiences. Whether you're a local or a visitor, make sure to add it to your list of must-visit attractions in the area. Get ready to buckle up and experience the thrill of the race at Tampa Bay Grand Prix!

Congo River Golf Clearwater Logo

Congo River Golf Clearwater

Minigolf, Wildlife-Based Attraction +1

Nestled in the heart of Clearwater, Florida, Congo River Golf Clearwater offers an extraordinary miniature golf experience that stands out from the rest. This family-friendly destination combines the thrill of adventure with the fun of golf, making it a perfect outing for all ages.

A Miniature Golf Experience Like No Other

Congo River Golf Clearwater isn't just about playing mini-golf; it's about embarking on an adventure. As you navigate through the course, you'll encounter giant waterfalls, rocky summits, mysterious caves, and lush tropical rainforests. Each hole presents a unique challenge, ensuring that both beginners and seasoned golfers find excitement and enjoyment.

More Than Just Golf

While the miniature golf experience is the star attraction, Congo River Golf Clearwater offers much more. The venue is designed to immerse visitors in an environment that feels like a journey through the Congo. It's an opportunity to step away from the everyday and dive into a world of adventure and discovery.

Perfect for All Occasions

Whether you're planning a family outing, a date, or a birthday party, Congo River Golf Clearwater is an ideal location. The course is designed to be enjoyable for all age groups, making it a versatile choice for various events. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere adds to the overall experience, ensuring that every visit is memorable.

Voted Best Miniature Golf

Congo River Golf Clearwater isn't just another mini-golf course; it's an award-winning destination. It has been voted the best miniature golf time and again, a testament to its exceptional design, entertaining course, and outstanding overall experience.

Discover the Adventure at Congo River Golf Clearwater

Ready to experience the adventure? Congo River Golf Clearwater is conveniently located at 20060 US 19 North, Clearwater, FL 33764. It's easy to get to and provides an escape into a world of excitement and family fun. Whether you're a local or a visitor to Clearwater, this mini-golf adventure is something you don't want to miss.

In conclusion, Congo River Golf Clearwater offers a unique blend of adventure and miniature golf, set in a beautifully themed environment. It's more than just a game; it's an experience that brings people together for fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories. So, grab your putter and embark on a mini-golf adventure like no other!

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Celebration Station

Family Entertainment Center, Laser Tag +2

Nestled in the heart of Clearwater, Florida, Celebration Station emerges as a beacon of fun and excitement for all ages. This family-friendly amusement park is a treasure trove of activities, offering a plethora of attractions that promise a day filled with joy and laughter. Whether you're planning a family outing, a day with friends, or a special event, Celebration Station is the perfect destination to create unforgettable memories.

Attractions for Everyone

One of the highlights of Celebration Station is its diverse range of attractions. From adrenaline-pumping go-kart races to the whimsical miniature golf courses, there's something for everyone. The park's go-karts cater to all levels of drivers, ensuring a safe yet thrilling experience. The miniature golf courses are beautifully landscaped, offering a serene yet challenging game for both beginners and seasoned players.

For those who love a good challenge, the batting cages and bumper boats add an extra layer of excitement. The batting cages are perfect for aspiring baseball stars or those looking to improve their swing. Meanwhile, the bumper boats provide a splash of fun, perfect for cooling off on a hot day.

Indoor Arcade: A Gamer's Paradise

Celebration Station's indoor arcade is a haven for gamers. Packed with a wide array of video games, from classic arcade favorites to the latest high-tech simulations, the arcade is a vibrant hub of entertainment. It's an ideal spot for gamers to test their skills, win prizes, and have a blast with friends and family.

Delicious Dining Options

All that fun is bound to work up an appetite, and Celebration Station doesn't disappoint. The park offers a variety of dining options to refuel and recharge. From mouth-watering pizza to classic American snacks, the food at Celebration Station is a delight for the taste buds. The dining areas are designed to provide a comfortable and relaxing environment, allowing guests to enjoy their meals amidst the excitement.

Perfect for Celebrations and Events

Celebration Station is not just a place for casual visits; it's also an ideal venue for celebrations and events. Whether it's a birthday party, a corporate event, or a group outing, the park offers tailored packages to make every occasion special. With its fun-filled atmosphere and excellent facilities, Celebration Station ensures that every event is a hit.

Commitment to Safety and Cleanliness

The safety and well-being of guests are paramount at Celebration Station. The park adheres to strict safety protocols, ensuring that all attractions are regularly inspected and maintained. Additionally, the park is committed to cleanliness, providing a hygienic and welcoming environment for everyone.

A Must-Visit Destination in Clearwater

In conclusion, Celebration Station in Clearwater is a must-visit destination for anyone looking for a day filled with fun, excitement, and memorable experiences. With its wide range of attractions, delicious dining options, and commitment to safety, it's the perfect place for families, friends, and groups to come together and enjoy the best of amusement and entertainment. Plan your visit today and get ready to embark on an adventure that you'll cherish forever!

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