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Nestled in the vibrant heart of Southampton, United Kingdom, Tenpin Southampton stands as a premier destination for bowling enthusiasts and fun-seekers alike. This state-of-the-art bowling alley offers a unique blend of entertainment, excitement, and relaxation, making it a must-visit spot for locals and tourists. Whether you're planning a family outing, a night out with friends, or a corporate event, Tenpin Southampton promises an unforgettable experience.

A Bowling Experience Like No Other

At Tenpin Southampton, bowling takes center stage. The facility boasts numerous well-maintained lanes, equipped with the latest technology to ensure a smooth and enjoyable game for players of all skill levels. The automatic scoring systems keep track of every strike and spare, allowing you to focus on the fun. The vibrant, energetic atmosphere, combined with the rhythmic sound of rolling balls and crashing pins, creates an exhilarating environment that's perfect for both competitive play and casual fun.

More Than Just Bowling

Tenpin Southampton is more than just a bowling alley; it's a complete entertainment hub. Alongside the bowling lanes, you'll find a variety of arcade games, offering a nostalgic trip down memory lane and a chance to challenge friends to some friendly competition. For those seeking a more high-tech experience, the venue also features state-of-the-art virtual reality games, transporting you to different worlds and adventures.

Delicious Eats and Refreshing Drinks

No outing is complete without great food and drinks, and Tenpin Southampton delivers on this front. The on-site restaurant and bar serve a wide range of delicious meals and snacks, catering to all tastes and dietary requirements. From classic burgers and fries to healthier options, there's something for everyone. The bar is well-stocked with a selection of beers, wines, and soft drinks, perfect for toasting to a strike or unwinding after a game.

Perfect for All Occasions

Tenpin Southampton is an ideal venue for all types of events. Whether it's a birthday party, a team-building exercise, or just a spontaneous day out, the facility offers tailored packages to suit every need. The friendly and accommodating staff are always on hand to ensure your event runs smoothly, making it a hassle-free and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

A Commitment to Excellence

What truly sets Tenpin Southampton apart is its commitment to providing an exceptional experience for every visitor. The staff are passionate about what they do and are dedicated to ensuring that every guest leaves with a smile. The facility is kept clean and well-maintained, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all.

Discover the Thrill of Tenpin Southampton

Tenpin Southampton is more than just a bowling alley; it's a vibrant entertainment destination that promises fun, excitement, and unforgettable memories. Whether you're a seasoned bowler or new to the game, looking for a fun family outing or a unique venue for your next event, Tenpin Southampton is the perfect choice. So, lace up those bowling shoes and get ready to roll into a world of fun!

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Eling Splash Park


Nestled in the heart of Southampton, Eling Splash Park stands as a beacon of joy and entertainment for families and children. This vibrant and colorful park offers a unique blend of fun, excitement, and relaxation, making it an ideal destination for those looking to make unforgettable memories.

Unmatched Water Fun for Kids

At the core of Eling Splash Park is its state-of-the-art water play area, designed to captivate the imagination of children of all ages. The park features a variety of water-based attractions, including interactive water jets, playful fountains, and gentle sprays. These elements are not just fun but also safe, ensuring that children can enjoy themselves in a secure environment.

A Green Oasis for Relaxation

Surrounding the water play area, the park boasts lush green spaces perfect for picnics, relaxation, and outdoor games. Parents can unwind under the shade of trees while keeping an eye on their little ones. The well-maintained lawns and benches offer a peaceful retreat from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable

Eling Splash Park is not just about fun; it's also a testament to sustainable and eco-friendly design. The park utilizes water recycling systems and environmentally friendly materials, reflecting Southampton's commitment to preserving nature and promoting green initiatives.

Perfect for Parties and Gatherings

The park serves as an excellent venue for birthday parties, family gatherings, and community events. With ample space and a variety of facilities, it can accommodate groups of different sizes, making every occasion special and enjoyable.

Year-Round Attraction

While the splash park is a summer favorite, Eling Splash Park is a year-round destination. The playgrounds and open spaces are perfect for winter activities, and the changing colors of the foliage offer a beautiful backdrop for autumn and spring visits.

Easy Access and Amenities

Located conveniently in Southampton, the park is easily accessible by public transport and car. Ample parking, clean restrooms, and nearby cafes enhance the visitor experience, ensuring that every need is catered to.

A Commitment to Safety and Cleanliness

Eling Splash Park prioritizes safety and cleanliness. Regular maintenance and safety checks are conducted to ensure that all equipment and facilities are in top condition. The staff's dedication to maintaining a clean and safe environment makes it a trustworthy choice for families.

A Hidden Gem for Family Fun

Eling Splash Park in Southampton is more than just a splash park; it's a community hub where laughter and joy are in abundance. Whether you're seeking a fun-filled day for your children, a peaceful spot for relaxation, or a venue for a special event, this park offers it all. With its blend of fun, nature, and sustainability, Eling Splash Park is a must-visit destination for anyone in or visiting Southampton.

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