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Discover the exhilarating world of Jump Galaxy, a trampoline park nestled in the heart of Düsseldorf, Germany. This dynamic playground is not just any trampoline park—it's an intergalactic adventure waiting to be explored. Offering an array of attractions that cater to thrill-seekers of all ages, Jump Galaxy promises a gravity-defying experience that's out of this world.

Endless Bouncing Excitement

Jump Galaxy's main attraction is, of course, its expansive trampoline arena. A vast sea of interconnected trampolines allows visitors to defy gravity and bounce to their heart's content. Whether you're a seasoned jumper or trying it for the first time, the friendly staff ensures a safe and enjoyable experience. Kids, teens, and adults alike can revel in the joy of weightlessness while navigating through the sprawling trampoline field.

Galactic Dodgeball and Slam Dunk Action

Take your bouncing escapades to the next level with Jump Galaxy's unique offerings. Engage in epic dodgeball battles in the dedicated arena, where participants can duck, dive, and dodge their way to victory. For those with a penchant for basketball, the Slam Dunk Zone offers the chance to soar through the air and slam dunk like a pro. It's a fantastic way to combine athleticism with the sheer joy of bouncing.

Toddler Galaxy for the Little Ones

Jump Galaxy hasn't forgotten its youngest visitors. The Toddler Galaxy is a designated area where the littlest bouncers can safely explore the joy of trampolining. Soft surfaces and age-appropriate activities make it a haven for toddlers to develop their motor skills while having a blast. Jump Galaxy truly caters to the whole family's entertainment needs.

Cosmic Fitness Classes

Who says exercise can't be fun? Jump Galaxy hosts a range of fitness classes set against the backdrop of trampolines. Join a high-energy fitness class that combines cardio and strength training while bouncing on the trampoline. It's a unique and effective way to stay fit while having an absolute blast.

Celestial Party Packages

Planning a birthday party or a special celebration? Jump Galaxy offers party packages that include private trampoline time, a dedicated party host, and access to exclusive party rooms. It's the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion with friends and family in a dynamic and memorable setting.

Warp Speed Convenience

Situated in the vibrant city of Düsseldorf, Jump Galaxy is easily accessible and provides ample parking space for visitors. The park's well-maintained facilities, including clean restrooms and a cozy café, ensure that your visit is comfortable from start to finish.

Bouncing into Fun at Jump Galaxy Trampoline Park in Düsseldorf

Jump Galaxy Trampoline Park in Düsseldorf is more than just a recreational space—it's a cosmic journey filled with laughter, adventure, and the sheer joy of bouncing. Whether you're a seasoned trampolinist or a first-time jumper, this intergalactic playground promises an unforgettable experience for everyone. So, lace up your sneakers, grab your friends and family, and prepare for a gravity-defying adventure at Jump Galaxy.

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Freizeitbad Düsselstrand


Nestled in the heart of Düsseldorf, Freizeitbad Düsselstrand is a haven of aquatic delights, offering an escape from the ordinary and a splash of joy for visitors of all ages. This top-notch leisure facility stands as a testament to Germany's commitment to providing outstanding recreational experiences, and it's no wonder why locals and tourists alike flock to this aquatic paradise.

Aqua Adventure for All Ages

Freizeitbad Düsselstrand is more than just a swimming pool – it's a water wonderland designed to cater to all age groups. Whether you're a family seeking a weekend retreat or a group of friends looking for a refreshing break, this facility has something for everyone. The expansive water area includes thrilling slides for the daredevils, a lazy river for those seeking relaxation, and a dedicated kiddie pool for the little ones to frolic in safely.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Step into Freizeitbad Düsselstrand, and you'll find yourself surrounded by state-of-the-art facilities that ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience. Immaculately clean changing rooms, well-maintained lockers, and modern showers contribute to the overall satisfaction of visitors. The facility's commitment to hygiene and maintenance sets it apart as a premier destination for water-based fun in Düsseldorf.

Tropical Oasis in Any Season

One of the standout features of Freizeitbad Düsselstrand is its tropical atmosphere that transcends the seasons. The indoor setting ensures that visitors can enjoy the aquatic delights regardless of the weather outside. Rain or shine, summer or winter – the inviting warmth of the water and the vibrant surroundings make it a perfect year-round destination.

Wellness Haven for Relaxation

Beyond the splashes and laughter, Freizeitbad Düsselstrand offers a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. The wellness area boasts saunas, steam rooms, and therapeutic whirlpools, providing a tranquil retreat for those seeking to unwind. The serene ambiance, coupled with skilled staff, transforms this aquatic center into a holistic wellness experience.

Family-Friendly Atmosphere

Freizeitbad Düsselstrand takes pride in being a family-friendly destination, and it shows in every aspect of the facility. From well-trained lifeguards ensuring safety to the variety of family-oriented activities, the atmosphere here is warm, welcoming, and perfect for creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

Dive into Joy at Freizeitbad Düsselstrand

Freizeitbad Düsselstrand stands as a beacon of aquatic enjoyment in the heart of Düsseldorf. With its diverse offerings, state-of-the-art facilities, and commitment to a family-friendly atmosphere, this leisure facility sets the standard for water-based entertainment in Germany. So, pack your swimsuit and get ready to dive into a world of fun at Freizeitbad Düsselstrand!

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